Introduction to Weatherstrip …

WeatherstripMetro's Extruded Solid Weatherstripping

All of Metro's Molded Weatherstripping is manufactured from the highest quality sponge material available and is always very detailed, exceeding that of our competition . We are constantly adding to our list of molded weatherstripping and other reproduction parts. If you need a type not listed, please contact our customer service office. It may be in the works or we may be interested in reproducing it.

Made from smooth dies for a sleek appearance.

Accurate profiles that fit like the originals, with well defined details.

Vulcanized in a clean bath, with no residue for you to clean off.

Tear resistant rubber.

Jet black extrusions for a show winning look.

Sunlight and ozone resistant rubber that won't shrink or crack.

Made from actual size dies, which means no guesswork on the finished profile size.

Added sealing ribs where needed.

Made to the correct softness, like the original. Not made from a work all rubber compound.

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