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Types of Automotive Seals

All of Metro's Molded Weatherstripping is manufactured from the highest quality sponge material available and is always very detailed, exceeding that of our competition . We are constantly adding to our list of molded weatherstripping and other reproduction parts. If you need a type not listed, please contact our customer service office. It may be in the works or we may be interested in reproducing it.

Molded Door Seals
Ready-to-install Door Weatherstripping that comes with correct tool-installed clips and pins plus molded ends that are truly softer than other available reproductions. All are jet black with a smooth skin and made of the finest weather resistant and ozone-resistant sponge.

Molded Roof Rail Seals
Metro makes a huge line of Roof Rail Seals that have that "show winning" look and fit. Our Convertible Top Seals all incorporate steel cores and studs for a perfect fit.

Convertible Pillar Post Seals
Metro's Convertible Pillar Post Seals are molded in one piece, just like the originals, not merely spliced into place like some of the competitors' reproductions! Be sure to ask before you buy.

Rear Roll-Up Seals
All of the Rear Roll-Up Seals Metro makes go beyond just being functional. They are reproductions that, in most cases, have steel cores, are molded with a one-piece construction to eliminate splice marks, and are better than OEM in fit and quality.

Auxiliary Door, Window & Trunk Seals
Finely crafted and detailed, with 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Metro's Door Lock Pillar Seals are the best available anywhere, with molded-in steel cores and superbly detailed outer rubber.

Front Vent Window Seals
Our Vent Windows have molded curves and a non-wrinkling lip design, making them the highest quality reproductions available.

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