Micro closed cell sponge
Just a few of the 400 or so
pedal pads produced by Metro.

Metro Legacy PolymersSM Brand Dense Rubber…

Designed to outlast ordinary dense and solid rubber compounds, the Legacy PolymersSMbrand represents a family of advanced rubber formulations and production techniques developed over decades. Every Legacy PolymersSM rubber compound meets strict production specifications and fabrication guidelines to produce detail rubber parts and components that will outlast and outperform other solid rubber parts. Legacy PolymersSM compounds contain only virgin rubber, with none of the fillers or accelerators that cause other brands of dense and solid rubber parts to prematurely age and fail. Legacy PolymersSM compounds have additives that provide ozone and UV protection to resist these agents of decay. Our advanced rubber formulations are targeted to the specific applications. These features, along with our advanced computer controls and vulcanization processes, produce long-life solid rubber parts that are truly in a class by themselves.

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