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Cleaned door seal
Dimensionally accurate molds

Reproduction Rubber Products…

Metro doesn’t compromise on quality reproductions. Our OEM reproduction rubber parts are designed to meet or exceed the quality of the original part, which may include post-production and secondary finishing operations, such as:

Hand-trimming for smooth, close edges
High-luster finishes from polished molds
Reproducing features and details of the original part including those that
   do not show when installed
Use of sunlight and ozone-resistant rubber compositions to prevent
   shrinking and cracking
Using fresh, jet-black rubber, not gray or off-colored generic rubber
Formulation rubber compounds that suit the function of the part –
   whether hard, soft or oil resistant – to ensure long life in operation
Computer-designed and numerically machined molds cut from computer
   from solid aluminum or steel to ensure dimensionally accurate parts with
   an excellent fit
Molding parts using 30 - 120 tons and more of pressure and computer-
   controlled high heat

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