Additional Charges…
Window Channels & Sweepers:

Window channels & sweepers (many “WC” items) with delicate metal edges and cores must be sent in special PVC shipping tubes. An additional $20.00 charge is added for these items shipped within the US.

Note:  Shipping window channels & sweepers over 60 inches in length in PVC tubes outside the US can be very expensive (i.e., several hundred US dollars), such that shipping costs may exceed the parts cost. You can dramatically reduce shipping costs for these parts by having us cut them into sections of equal length prior to shipment (if your project allows). For example, 96 in. long parts may be cut in two pieces 48 in. long, or three pieces 32 in. long, prior to shipment. 72 in. long parts may be cut in two pieces 36 in. long.

Please specify in the comments field of your on-line order how you would like the part(s) divided, or if you are willing to bear the costs to ship them un-cut.

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Running Boards:

Some running boards (“RB” items) will be charged an additional $13.00 or $15.00 fee for US shipment, depending on the size and weight of the part. For all international orders, please contact us toll-free at (866) 586-7516 for current rates.

Header Seals: Header seal HD 304 will be charged a $20.00 fee.
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